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Online Plans

King of Fitness 6-week Online Plan with Customized Meal Plan

This is a 6-week complete workout plan designed for you to use at your local gym or your home. The 6 wk plan is recommended for those looking to lose or gain 10-20 lbs.  I design this program with your fitness goals, to include a cardio workout program and a custom meal plan that will change approximately 2 times within the 6 weeks. You will have access to message me at anytime during your plan. Get ready to workout with ME on your screen!               


King of Fitness 10-week Online Plan with Customized Meal Plan

This is a 10-week complete workout plan designed for you to use at your local gym or home. The 10 wk plan is recommended for those looking to lose or gain 21-35 lbs. Like all of my training, there is no "one-size-fits-all" and we work together to create what works for you! I personally build your plan, based on the information that my team and I will request from you that makes up your body's science to get the results Lovely Bodies is known for. You can contact me via our messaging app from wherever you are in or outside the U.S. and I will monitor your progress, making changes as needed. This online plan includes a full workout routine, featuring videos by YOURS TRULY, a full meal plan that changes as your body changes (approximately 3-4 times within the 10 weeks) and added cardio and ab plan to tighten the midsection.




August 10th-20th, 2018 Kory will not be taking new clients, answering emails or conducting training sessions. Current online clients may resume their active plans, with an understanding that the trainer will not be available during these dates. 

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King of Fitness 16-week Online Plan

This plan is reccomended to lose 40 lbs or more and includes metabolism tea, 1 canister of meal replacement shake and Cellulose for Cellulite. Want a Full Body Transformation? Coming right up! Your 16-week plan includes a full workout plan, a full cardio plan and a series of strategic meal plans, that change as I monitor your results each week. You'll be able to message me anytime and I like to message or, sometimes, call each online client just to check in with you. My aim is to take your unique fitness goals to the next level and show you the Lovely Body you never knew you had. Give me 100% committment and I will give you 100% results!



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